Anita Cheung

24 October 2019

A: 第一步輸入資料簡易清楚,底色配襯較順眼(女性對粉紅色情有獨中鍾)。M到按鈕方法都好方便,日曆中的備註欄會有埋受孕期(懷孕率)。我會比70分

first, you can easily input your data. the color combination of the app is simple to see. When period comes you can easily mark down on the calendar and immediately, the app will estimate your ovulation period. I give 70/100 for this app.














B: 第一步選入方式有FB/GOOGLE,簡化了個人資料輸入。以一問一答形式,窩心解說(月經週期長度小知識),用圓形箭嘴圖表達,還有它會使用一些全球平均值來進行首先預測。為超容易明白。90分

you can choose to login with facebook for gmail. This app ask questions one by one and explains little tips. the display using a circle and arrows instead of a calendar to post your period and ovulation dates. I give 90/100 for this app.

















C: 簡易選M 到日子功能,預設上次月經日,有基本需要的功效。最特別有男/女的設定…..(M COME 點解會有男呢??),最後的日曆功能也容易明白。65分

Easily input your period date and you mark your last period as well so it can estimate your next period. However abit weird for a period app that have gender setting as well. I give 65/100 for this app
















D: 這個是最原始的月經APPS,是我6年前開始用的。很多廣告位,有基本功能(M到倒數日、流量、痛、睡眠等)準確性高,但設計上比起其他無咁吸引。很多位要開啟需要比錢。60分this is one of the original period tracker app. I started using around 6 years ago. quite A bit of ads. it has all the general functions like flow, countdown to period, pain, sleeping quality etc. However the design of the app is less appealing when compared to other apps. And a lot of functions you need to pay in order to use. I give 60/100 for this app