陶藝課 – 韓國畢業導師 | 彈性上課時間 [4送1優惠]


陶藝課 – 韓國畢業導師 | 彈性上課時間 [4送1優惠]
Pottery Class

Wheel throwing is a fast way to make ceramics. We can observe a form’s profile while we are making pots on a potter’s wheel. This trains our eyes to be more sensitive to the visual element - lines. Pottery classes are conducted on a regular basis. Ceramic techniques will be delivered in class: wheel throwing, hand-building, surface decoration, glazing etc.. We will provide you guidance based on your progress to make your unique pieces.

拉坯是快速成形的陶藝製作技巧. 練習拉製各種器型,反覆觀察器皿的輪廓,提升對視覺元素”線條”的鑑賞力及運用. 陶藝課每星期定時舉行. 在課堂上學習各種陶藝知識及製作技巧,包括拉坯,手捏,上釉等技巧, 提供個別的指導去製作基本器皿或自己設計的作品.

Time 時間:
Wed-Fri 逢星期三至五 1pm / 4pm / 7pm
Sat and Sun 逢星期六及日 10am / 1pm / 4pm
(1-1.5 hours 小時)

Venue 地點:

6/F, Hing Yip Centre, 37 Beech Street, Tai Kok Tsui

(MTR: Olympic Station Exit B / Mong Kok Station Exit A2 港鐵: 奧運站B出口 / 旺角站A2出口)

Fee 費用:

1-lesson trail 一堂體驗班 $320

**2020 Summer 4+1 Special Offer 夏季4送1推廣優惠**
5-lesson course 5堂課程 $1280



About the Studio

Chiman Ceramics Studio makes fine ceramic wares for everyday use. The Chinese character "Chi" means fine literally.

Chan, Chi-man, our tutor, was graduated from Seoul National University andwas majored in Ceramics. His works were selected by Korea International Ceramic Biennial in 2017 and 2019. Besides, his works were selected by international ceramic competitions in Spain, Slovenia, and Taiwan. He is experienced in teaching ceramics classes.



導師畢業於韓國首爾國立大學並獲碩士學位,主修陶瓷工藝.多次入選韓國京畿世界陶瓷雙年展, 西班牙,斯洛文尼亞及台灣等地陶瓷競賽. 導師具備多年相關陶藝工作坊教學經驗,為學員提供悉心指導.